Vanessa and Shane – A Philadelphia Hockey Wedding

For one of the last weddings of the year, I photographed a wedding at the Royal Boucherie in Philadelphia. The bride and groom, colors, venue, staff, and food made this one of the best of the year for me personally.

The groom was my good friend Katie’s brother so I knew most of the family. His bride, Vanessa, was a dream. She looked absolutely stunningly gorgeous in her gown. So much fun was had all around. I wish all weddings could be like this. First it was on time. Second, very organized. And third, the visuals were fabulous.

The groom’s brother is a professional hockey player, and is currently playing in the Austrian hockey league. COVID locked down the country a few days before he was to leave and attend the wedding.
Through the grace of FaceTime technology, he was able to watch the ceremony as his sister broadcast the ceremony and some of the reception to him in Austria. How is that for cool?

Couple In The Rocks At Gibraltar

I made this image at Gibraltar in Wilmington, Delaware and love the setting. That moss really pops and the couple’s love shows through. It’s a moment in time captured for eternity. I was wandering around the location and stumbled upon this little nook and thought PERFECT! The bride and groom then sat down and I blended into the background, like I normally do for most shoots. It’s an art to be able to blend in, be unobtrusive and capture what happens in front of your eyes with good light and emotion. When it happens, it ROCKS!!

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Tivona and LeMar, said “My pictures were amazing! When I first looked at them, I started crying. My photographer, Bill captured everything I wanted and so much more! He even got all of my crazy facial expressions (which I love). People are always telling me that I make the craziest facial expressions and now I can see them, LOL! Bill has such a great personality, when you talk to him, it’s like you’re talking to an old friend. I love when pictures tell a story and mine definitely do!”

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